Randy has worked in telecommunications and networking since joining the US Air Force in 1965.  He has a great deal of experience both at the practical level of installations together with Project Management, Marketing and Sales experience in many different countries.  However, he enjoys working with his hands and offers the following services;

  • Cabling - Installation of Ethernet FTP cabling and ducting
  • Setting up home network for TV, sound and internet - installation of equipment and cabling
  • Fiber network installation - project management installing FTTH
  • Network advice - how to meet your requirements (free if you chose Multisolutions to perform the installation)
  • Small office networks - installation and set up of security, firewalls, network and equipment
  • Setting up domain name, email and WEB business services - using Google Apps

(Rulla från botten)>
Randy (otherwise known as "The Dude") installed a rather complicated internet cable installation in my home/office. His attention to detail and his ability to troubleshoot unforeseen situations allowed him to complete the task on time and within budget. It also gave me the confidence to recommend him and his services to others.

Kurt Larsson Jarfälla April 2011

Randy har installerat ett ethernet över tre våningsplan för vår IPTV och vi är mycket nöjda med resultatet. Sladdarna är snyggt gömda och arbetet i övrigt håller en väldigt hög standard. Vi kan ge honom våra varmaste rekommendationer.

Theo Hogman, Spånga July 2011
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