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  • 09 Feb 2016 07:33 | Randy Vincelette (Administrator)

    I have been working to get up a number of pictures and ablums of some of the jobs I have had. This will take a while before it is finished. 

    Take a look at what I have done so far.

  • 01 Feb 2016 17:02 | Randy Vincelette (Administrator)

    I have installed new cabinets, shelves in the kitchen and renovated a wall so the kitchen would look better. I put up shelves, towel holder and other items in their bathroom plus a new door/frame. 

  • 13 Jan 2016 12:05 | Randy Vincelette (Administrator)

    Now that 2016 has started I will be out there doing small and big jobs.  Right now I have a lot of small items to repair and install.

    Good Luck in 2016

  • 27 Nov 2014 12:04 | Randy Vincelette (Administrator)

    I removed everything including the ceiling.  That exposed the 50 year old cast iron pipes that where used.  The elbow was almost completely gone.  I can't believe we have not had a leak.  Those pipes where replaced.

    I put new tile on the floor/walls, installed a new toilet and wash basin.  Now to put in the ceiling.

  • 02 Sep 2014 18:24 | Randy Vincelette (Administrator)

    This project was rather fun and it took two weeks.  I had scaffolding erected as the wooden facade needed to be taken down, new installation installed and new wood installed.  This was the side of the house where the sun was almost on the siding all day.  But it was done to the customer's complete satisfactory.

  • 02 Sep 2014 18:18 | Randy Vincelette (Administrator)

    This job took some effort on my part because the other professions plumbers, electrician and plastic floor layers had to be coordinated by the owner of the house. The project took 2 1/2 months of time.  Being in people's houses and working is not that much fun, as one has to adapt to their requirements.

    But the customer is very happy.

  • 09 May 2014 13:14 | Randy Vincelette (Administrator)
    A previous customer asked me build him a deck in his backyard.  It is almost finished (been raining this week).
  • 09 May 2014 13:11 | Randy Vincelette (Administrator)
    Another of the garages in our neighborhood was leaking.   I accepted the task of renovating the roof and reparing the rear wall. I also got the job for in adding additional vertical 'reglar' to support the new roof and installed OSB boards inside the garage.

    The customer was most happy.
  • 20 Feb 2014 17:10 | Randy Vincelette (Administrator)
     I have taken a break from work that I get paid for, to work on our house.  It is just about finished.

    The kitchen needs tile above the drain board and paint for the rest of the kitchen and dining room.

    The shower room is the old furnace room where the oil fired heater was (since 1974 we have had heated water from the city of Stockholm to heat our house).  So you can imagine all the pipes and such that needed to be moved, before I could tile the floor and walls.

    We decided to put in heated floors in the kitchen/dining room and the shower room.  This has made this winter very pleasant as there was only one heater under the window in the dining room.

    I will put a slide show about this on this site as soon as I finish it.

  • 24 Jul 2013 10:43 | Randy Vincelette (Administrator)
    Replaced the siding on a neighbor's house. I took care to cut the ends of the boards at an angle and to be sure they did not touch the copper flashing at the bottom.  The old boards where rotted at the bottom.
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